Mini FX

Mini FX

Looking for a way to tighten skin without the downtime from a surgical procedure? The MiniFX treatment is non-invasive, radiofrequency energy that uses the heat from radiofrequency electrodes to stimulate collagen production, treating smaller areas, like arms or knees, while enhancing circulation to deep tissues. The skin attaches to RF electrodes using negative pressure, creating uniform heat over the dermis and subdermal layers of skin. Effective solutions are delivered to adipose tissue using a combination of the MiniFX vacuum and controlled radiofrequency energy.

MiniFX is ideal for the smaller areas of the body without the need for invasive surgery! Tighten and tones areas, such as:

The most frequently requested MiniFX treatment at Fire and Ice Cryo Med Spa is MinixFX treatment on the chin! Our clients love their results! Schedule a consultation today to see if MiniFX is the treatment for you! 
Mini FX


MiniFX is a new and creative solution to reduce the unsightly appearance of cellulite and dimpled skin. MiniFX targets small areas with fat deposits and cellulite that cannot be eliminated by dieting or exercising alone.

With a series of pulses delivered at 1 million cycles per second, the radiofrequency energy improves circulation, tightens the skin, and increases the production of collagen in small areas. While this may sound intense, it’s very safe and comfortable because the temperature will be constantly monitored for comfort and control.

Many patients described MiniFX as slight warming of the skin, with no discomfort!
We recommend that treatment sessions be performed weekly for eight weeks. Gradual improvements to the skin can be seen following the first few treatments – with your skin feeling smoother and softer immediately after one session.

The MiniFX laser treatments are fast, and, best of all, there’s no downtime. In less than 15 minutes, you can be back to your normal routine—with the added bonus that redness or warmth from treatment will subside after a few hours.

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