Salt Cave

Halotherapy is an all-natural experience in an environment recreated to resemble a natural salt cave, using only the purest form of medical-grade salt at Fire and Ice Cryo Med Spa. The naturally occurring antibacterial and antiseptic properties in the salt that we use for this treatment can promote healing or make symptoms of chronic illnesses easier to manage for people with conditions. Halotherapy dates back to the medieval era, but research has only recently been done to study the potential benefits of this incredibly simple yet holistic approach to wellness.

This treatment offers a relaxing yet luxurious experience as you detox and take a brief getaway at Fire and Ice Cryo Med Spa. Discover what our Salt Cave has to offer you today by scheduling an appointment.

Make yourself comfortable as you relax in the calm oasis that the Salt Cave embodies. it is a perfect opportunity to experience a peaceful and spa-like environment while also detoxifying the body to remove impurities and toxins. Your skin and body will absorb the nutrients expelled from the purest salt on earth while clearing your mind and your airways.

Halotherapy to ease the symptoms:

Halotherapy to improve skin conditions:

Halotherapy to improve overall wellness:


Halotherapy uses the purest salt on earth to promote respiratory and vascular health. It’s the all-natural way to improve your health and a holistic approach to wellness.

You can expect peaceful relaxation as you make yourself comfortable in a reclining chair. The air is filled with the nutrients released from the purest salt on earth while it purifies your airways and detoxifies the skin.

Halotherapy promotes respiratory and vascular health. Halotherapy may ease symptoms related to respiratory illnesses and conditions, improve skin conditions, reduce inflammation in the body, and improve overall wellness.

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