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White Lightening Serum



iS CLINICAL White Lightening Serum fades discoloration for an even complexion.

With an advanced skincare formula, this serum safely and effectively lightens pigmentation. iS CLINICAL White Lightening Serum helps diminish the appearance of age spots, sun damage, and discoloration for a youthful look. This hyperpigmentation treatment also provides mild exfoliation that diminishes signs of aging, including fine lines and wrinkles. Gentle ingredients renew cells to create a smooth complexion without causing inflammation, redness, or peeling.

With powerful ingredients, this hyperpigmentation treatment fades discoloration and other signs of an aged complexion.

iS CLINICAL White Lightening Serum contains advanced skincare ingredients that inhibit melanin, the substance that is responsible for pigment. This serum produces professional skin lightening effects and helps prevent discoloration from occurring. Clinical studies demonstrate a 75% decrease in the intensity of hyperpigmentation after three months of use. This iS CLINICAL skincare product also exfoliates to create a smooth complexion and a youthful look. Gentle ingredients renew cells to decrease signs of aging and sun damage.

White Lightening Serum

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